4th European-Tesshinkan-Cup at foot of the Kyffhäuser mountains

Die Tesshinkan-Starter

On 11th October 2008 many European Tesshinkan-Kobudôka met at the foot of the Kyffhäuser-Mountains, Germany, in order to compete at the 4th Tesshikan European Cup. Great performances and a fair competiton in a friendly atmosphere could be admired. Every participant, both colour-belted ones and experienced black-belts, tried to do their very best. Some of them were even able to impress not only the audience, but also the well-experienced judging team consisting of Frank Pelny (3rd Dan), Sebastian Edelmann (3rd Dan) and Mathias Junkherr (2nd Dan). In the category “Junior male“ Marvin Mager from KDK-Nordhausen could prevail and get the desired title. He sent Tobias Völz (KDK-Nordhausen) and Tuan Anh Nguyen (Seishinkai Jena) to the second and third place. For the fourth time Stefanie Grzeja (Jitoku-Dô Halle) dominated the female adult category. She was followed by Doreen Schilling (KDK Nordhausen) and Michaela Frost (Jitoku-Dô Halle) grant with the second and third place for their good performances closely. Hagen Walter (Seishinkai Jena) prevailed against Pierre Lorenz (Ilmenau) closely in the category “adult male”. He was the first one to get this title to Jena, the Thuringian River –Saale-Town. Viktor Vollmer achieved the third place and thus completed the success of KDK-Nordhausen.

Hagen Walter (Jena)

Stefanie Grzeja (Halle)

S. Edelmann