27th of October in 2007
German Kobudō Championships
in Hammelburg / Bayern / Germany
9 medals for Tesshinkan-stile!!!

The Tesshinkan-participants

On Saturday, 27th of October in 2007, the German Kobudō-championships 2007 took place in Hammelburg. The stile TESSHINKAN was represented by 12 competitors. This competition became one of those having a high quality, for the Yamanni-Ryū practicing Slovakian National Team, which is popular for its good and great performances, participated, too. But all in all the performances done by Tesshinkan were able to convince: thrice German Master, twice German Vice-Master and 7 3rd places this time. In the category adults/KYŪ-grade/two sectional weapons they were even able to claim the first three places as their own. The female adults also dominated the best places. Frank Pelny, the eldest participant and technical director of RYŪKYŪ KOBUDŌ TESSHINKAN KYŌKAI EUROPA, could claim a second place (two-sectional weapons) and a third place (one-sectional weapons).
Almost every Tesshinkanka took part in two categories and was able to win at least one medal in each category. What a great job! And these are the exact results:

* KATA two-sectional weapons – adults/student grades:
  - German Master female:    Stefanie Grzeja
  - German Master female:    Falko Große
  - German Vice-Master male:    Andreas Ruff
  - 3rd place female:    Michaela Frost
  - 3rd place male:    Andre Krause

* KATA two-sectional weapons – adults/master degree:
  - German Vice-Master:    Frank Pelny

* KATA einteilige Waffen - Senioren Schülergrade:
  - German Master female:    Stefanie Grzeja
  - 3rd place female:    Doreen Schilling
  - 3rd place male:    Falko Große, Viktor Vollmer

* KATA one-sectional weapons – adults/master degrees:
  - 3rd place male:     Frank Pelny

* KATA one-sectional weapons - youths:
  - 3rd place male:    Tobias Völz

Doreen Schilling (Nordhausen)

Viktor Vollmer (Nordhausen)

The girls from Jitoku-Do Halle

Whether being tall or small - Tesshinkan is our style at all.!

Places 1-3 Kata two-sectional weapons (Nordhausen)

Frank Pelny – German Vice-Master